Help with fear of flying

The fear of flying can be a major handicap for anyone who wants to, or must be, mobile. These days more and more people are conscious of their fear of flying and are seeking help. Düsseldorf Airport is the place to start dealing with your fear of flying.

Advice on the fear of flying from the Pastoral Care service

The Airport Pastoral Care Service offers help with the fear of flying in individual counselling sessions and seminars. Escorted flights with experienced pilots are also possible.

One-day seminars against the fear of flying

The psychologist Linda Föhrer and her team at Düsseldorf Airport offer one-day seminars against the fear of flying. These seminars take place in the VIP Lounge at Düsseldorf Airport from 10:00 to 18:00. As part of them, participants tour an aircraft together with the Trainer.

An escorted flight is possible afterwards and can take place at a later date in agreement with the participants. You’ll find all further information on the website .